Responses to Freedom of Information requests

Disclaimer: Please note that any contact information contained within these responses was correct at the time the Freedom of Information (FOI) request was completed and may have changed subsequently. Further information about how to contact key officers within the Council can be found on our Contact Key officers webpage.

FOI ID NumberResponse DateRegarding
196011/07/2013Storage of Non Motor Vehicles parked on the Highway
195927/06/2013LABV - Local Asset Backed Vehicles
195826/09/2013UK Trade in Non Native Species
195727/06/2013(LAN) Local Area Networks
195624/07/2013Automatic Pedestrian and Shutter Doors
195525/06/2013discretionary housing payments
195419/06/2013Credit / Debit Card Transactions
195318/06/2013Tenders for Children's Services
195219/06/2013Request re Emergency Housing
195126/06/2013Property Guardians
194913/06/2013Loading Restrictions
194815/07/2013Business Rates Credits
194418/06/2013Wind Turbines
194313/06/2013Estates vacancies
194210/06/2013Died Intestate
194110/06/2013Died Intestate
194001/07/2013Parking Income
193910/06/2013Illegal Traveller Sites
193810/06/2013Public Health Funerals December 2012 to date
193726/06/2013ICT for parking services
193610/06/2013mobile and flexible working
193526/06/2013Business rates info
193410/06/2013information security
193215/07/2013NNDR credits
193126/06/2013cheese manufacturers
192910/06/2013public internet access
192804/06/2013social services
192704/06/2013died intestate
192606/06/2013refuse collector assaults
192510/06/2013Dog Homes
192406/06/2013recycling contracts
192304/06/2013NNDR credits
1922 funding to Eden Arts
191806/06/2013died intestate
191706/06/2013WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme Contract
191610/06/2013Potentially Violent Persons Register
191510/06/2013advertising spend
191411/06/2013Parking fines
191330/05/2013looked after children
191209/05/2013councillors convictions
191110/05/2013environmental information
190812/08/2013Business Rates
190708/05/2013Parking Warden Abuse
190508/05/2013List of Riding Establishments
190408/05/2013Web Site Design
190308/05/2013New Homes Bonus
190230/05/2013Right to buy and housing
190109/05/2013Car Parks
190008/05/2013Zero hours contracts
189908/05/2013Olympic Torch Relay
189808/05/2013women officers
189409/05/2013benefit fraud
189308/05/2013council communications
189208/05/2013spending with financial firms
189107/05/2013street party costs
189026/06/2013NNDR relief
188930/04/2013Culture and leisure budgeted spending
188809/05/2013Housing Health and Safety statistics
188730/04/2013NNDR credits
188629/04/2013Electric car points
188508/05/2013HMRC challenges
188429/04/2013Died intestate
188308/05/2013Cost of Olympic Torch Procession
188207/05/2013Fixed penalty notices
188109/05/2013Internet use
187908/05/2013ICT infrastructure
187807/05/2013non standard construction properties
187629/04/2013Voice Risk Analysis software